About me

Before I got in touch with The Work of Byron Katie I have suffered from anger that I have tried to suppress. I wanted to live at peace with myself and others but I just couldn't stop blaming others for my misery. When my son was born, my mind started attacking my parents and my brother on almost everything that I considered to be "wrong" about me and my life. I felt so depressed that I went to a family counsellor and told her my story.

She asked me the four questions. I have never had an experience like that before when she asked me "Can you absolutely know that it is true?" No. I couldn´t know. I called the family member after the session and found out that I had believed and suffered from a lie for over 20 years.

This has changed the relationship with him and with myself. Shortly after this mind-blowing experience I went to an event with Katie which has been so radiant and life—changing that I went to the School of The Work and decided to subscribe to the Certification Program which has improved my life in all areas such as relationships, self-esteem, health, dealing with challenges, creativity. When my father died last year doing The Work has given me strength through thoughts of grief and it still does. It is such a blessing to have this amazing simple tool that brings me peace and sanity whatever challenge life brings. I have been looking everywhere to find peace and find it by doing my work on any subject that causes me pain and find peace with it. Having The Work as a tool I come back to a safe and peaceful place inside myself.

I love to share this amazing experience by facilitating others. I love to witness how through questioning the mind pain shifts into peace and healing for anyone who is open to answer the 4 questions.